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A Course in Miracles Film: 
Part 1: The Forgotten Song Trailer
Part 2: The Song Remembered Trailer

Purchase Part 1:The Forgotten Song DVD
Purchase A Story of A Course in Miracles DVD (Parts 1 &2)

Audio Recordings by Dr. William Thetford

Bill Thetford

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Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness (part 1) read by Bill Thetford


Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness (part 2) read by Bill Thetford


to purchase a one-hour CD of selected readings from the Course. Chosen and read by Dr. William Thetford, these readings add a moving dimension to the inspirational and poetic quality of the printed words.


to purchase a recording of Dr. William Thetford and Dr. Gerald Jampolsky reading excerpts from the Course.


Bill Thetford recites from A Course in Miracles what he called
The Lord's Prayer as scribed by Helen.


This is included in The Forgotten Song DVD available for purchase here

The Visionaries - Part 1

The Visionaries - Part 2