Kudos and Thanks

We thank the people who have worked diligently and lovingly to help make this website a reality.


Carol & Victor GreyCarol Hansen Grey and Victor Grey

Carol and Victor are both long-time students of A Course in Miracles.   They have been designing websites since 1995 when they started their web development company, CustomDynamic.net.  Victor's expertise lies in the programming and special effects. Carol's expertise lies in the layout and graphic design as well as audio and video editing.  The Foundation began working with them in 2006 when we asked them to help us update and redesign our ACIM.org site and online store.  Once those tasks were completed we began working together on the development of this Archival site. 


Rosemarie LoSasso

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Rosemarie LoSasso of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles for her sharp editorial eye and excellent advice.

James BolenJames Bolen

We wish to thank James Bolen for his partnership in conceiving of Archives and for his invaluable assistance in preparing it for online publication. Jim was Editor and Publisher of the national magazine New Realities for 18 years. As a friend of Helen and Bill's, in 1977 he was entrusted with publishing the first public report about A Course in Miracles through two articles in his magazine, which were followed by others he published that are also included here in our Archives. Introduced to the Course by Judith Skutch in June 1975, Jim became a dedicated student and remains so to this day.

Deborah RobertsDeborah Roberts

We thank Deborah, a devoted Course student who has been working with the Foundation for Inner Peace since 2006.  She provides back-up to the Order Department and functions as a personal assistant doing research, helping with correspondence, assisting with mailings and working to develop an expanded presence on the Internet. Deborah has over twenty years managerial experience working with non-profits. She assisted the Editorial Team with proofreading the Archival site.